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Banded’s team of UX consultants help businesses make their digital experiences their competitive advantage by focusing on the people who use them.

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We specialise in designing impactful B2B SaaS products and enterprise workplace software that increases sales, productivity and knowledge.

The companies we work with touch peoples lives everyday, from improving medical reports and achieving retirement goals to informing researchers and students and providing airport assistance.

By creating experience's that are easy to understand and effortless to use we help those who interact with these companies succeed in achieving their goals every day.

Why Banded

Banded's experts create results that impact your bottomline.

Beautifully designed and functional interfaces

High-end visually appealing interfaces create positive emotions, builds trust and helps increase task success rates and user engagement.

Stakeholder &
team alignment

Ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives, reduce misunderstandings and improve team communication.

Improved productivity & efficiency

Design effective and streamlined workflows that reduce user frustration, and, improve accessibility.

Increased customer

Create user experiences that focus on resolving user's pain-points and offer the most efficient path to obtain value.

Product validation

Identify and solve any issues with the product early on, so that they can be addressed before the product is launched.

Our Approach

Ensuring your product fits the needs of its users is crucial for its success.

With a focus on creating beautiful crafted interfaces using best practices and usability principles we provide the materials needed for your team to drive change in your business. Whether you're looking for an overhaul of your current product, make some UX improvements or starting a new project from scratch choosing Banded as your design partner is the best way to bring your vision to life.


Processes that create business value by creating customer value.


Identify opportunities for improvement.

Gain a clear understanding of the challenges and to prioritise the most impactful changes that will enhance the user experience.


Test concepts with real users and iterate.

Testing your product designs with potential users, you will get valuable insights into how they perceive your product, what they like or dislike about it, and use this information to drive product improvements.


Create user interfaces, using best practices.

Create interfaces that enhance the user experience and improve user satisfaction. When users are able to easily navigate and use a product or service, they are more likely to engage with it, recommend it to others, and return to use it again.


Define scalable design systems and principles.

Improves both the end result of a digital product and the development process by creating a shared design language, modular components, and a consistent experience across all products and features.

Working with Banded Digital
"We know every business and every group of users have their own unique challenges, that's why we tailor our approach to ensure we are asking the most vital questions to get the root of problem."
Jack Bush, Founder and UX Director of Banded Digital

Jack Bush

Founder and UX Director, Banded Digital

Client testimonials

What our clients say about working with us.

Financial advice and future planning management

Designed a self-serve digital financial planner that uses stochastic models to simulate future outcomes.

"Jack is one of the most insightful UX guys I have worked with. He easily puts himself in the shoes of the end-user and is constantly demanding a better experience on their behalf. Our site has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the last year with the simple question of "Why are we doing it this way?". It turns out it can be one of the hardest questions to answer too..."

Lucas Weatherill

Co-Founder and Head of Product

OnTrack Retirement

JAS Airport Services
Providing premium air travel solutions

Indonesia's largest Airport Special Assistance web portal and client management system.

“The team translated our requirements beautifully and built a sophisticated website that is user-friendly for the customers and allowed us to generate new revenue streams. Overall we had a great experience working with them.”

Nina Violenty

Head of Corporate Planning and Strategy

JAS Airport Services

The global leader in research and education

Designed and built Wiley's APAC directory and sales lead generation platform for educational publications.

"Banded Digital has helped us transform our apac.wiley.com to a more customer-focused and user-friendly website, where we could share information that is localised for different parts of our region. This was something that was never available for us to share readily with our customers in other non-English speaking regions, and we are glad we are now able to serve our customers better thanks to Banded Digital!"

Neo Li Zhen

Senior Marketing Manager


Healthcare app for Chronic Pain patients

We worked with medical experts in one of Singapore's leading hospitals to create a self-help app for chronic pain patients and a reporting system for their doctors and clinicians.

"Our project was dealing with a high-sensitivity user group and designing for them in an inclusive manner was always a challenge. Banded brought proven methodology, genuine curiosity and deep expertise and user-centred design, which was critical for us to succeed."

Neeraj Kothari

Co-Founder & CEO


Co-learning education centre

Making the world a better place through providing best-in-class academic programmes. a hybrid-learning education platform

“It was a pleasure working with Banded and in particular Jack Bush. He places a great deal of emphasis on understanding the nuances around customer personas and designing user journeys and flows that are congruent with those personas.”

Sheinal Bhuralal


Agroa Co-Learning

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